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Commonwealth of Australia

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The continent of Australia is a country, or Australia is the name for a land that encompasses many countries; to understand the latter is to walk in the footsteps of the first peoples. Whether you’re tracing outlines of rock art more than 20,000 years old in Kakadu National Park, floating in the azure waters of Rottnest Island or admiring the iconic sites of Sydney Harbour where the Eora Nation traded for centuries, you are on Indigenous land.


Nowhere builds cities quite like Australia: each is a homage to magnificent waterways or beachfronts, while offering different experiences across different geographies.  You only have to travel a stone’s throw from any of Australia’s capital cities before you’ve landed somewhere truly out of this world. 


Decades of migration combined with great produce can make Australia a foodie’s dream, especially when you throw in craft beers and terrific wines.  The Aussies can be somewhat crass, but generally very good humoured and like the wildlife, endearing unless provoked.

Image by Ondrej Machart
Image by Will Turner
Image by Denise Jans
Sydney Opera House



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